From the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro comes an exotic gemstone that is 1000 times rarer than diamonds.

With it's vivid indigo and violet tones and extraordinary refractive index, Tanzanite is exceptionally beautiful and brilliant.

Debonaire Jewellery is one of a select few Australian businesses that deal in this unique and truly rare stone.

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Precious stones

Helen Brown has many years of experience inside the diamond and gemstone trade.

With her expertise as a gemmologist and many industry contacts, she is uniquely placed to offer assistance in sourcing high quality or unusual stones.

Choosing the ideal gemstone is the perfect starting point for the creation of a unique and precious jewellery piece. Whether you're seeking the perfect diamond for your budget or purpose, a special coloured diamond, or something even more distinctive, Helen can help.

South Sea Pearls

We also offer beautiful South Sea and Tahitian pearls. Visit www.seapearls.com.au to view the range of pearls available.

Valuations of diamonds and gemstones

As a qualified valuer, Helen can provide expert examination and scientific testing or your precious stone, and provide formal valuation documents suitable for insurance and legal purposes.

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