Jewellery design & repair

Create your own unique design

For the ultimate in precious personal expression, we can assist you in the creation of a unique piece that incorporates your own style and taste. With her expertise in jewellery and gemmology, Helen can also assist you in ensuring your design brings out the very best in your precious stones.

Using the latest Computer Aided Design (CAD), you'll even be able to see a 3D rendering of your design before it is created.

Once your design is approved, your piece is then expertly created using the finest materials to your specific requirements.

Every uniquely created piece comes with a complimentary official valuation.


Do you have a piece of jewellery that is damaged? Bring it in for advice on returning it to its former glory. Whether it requires soldering, repair of broken links, retipping of claws, new shanks, clasps, even sourcing that perfectly-matching replacement stone, we can help.


We also do re-makes and melt downs of old jewellery. Using the gold and precious stones from an existing jewellery item, we can create something new, to your own unique design.

Turn that unwanted-but-valuable piece into something new that you can enjoy, rather than having old broken chains and odd earrings at the bottom of your drawer.

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